3 Ways to Recycle Clothing that We Can ALL Do

3 Ways to Recycle Clothing that We Can ALL Do

The third part of our ‘Restyle-Revamp-Recycle’ series relates to those pieces of clothing that are past the stage of customising or altering, those that are falling apart and those that just need a better home. Recycling is so important when it comes to clothes – it’s not just plastic and cardboard that can be recycled. Here are some tips on how to help your local community, help the world and help your pocket just by recycling.

oxfam charity shop

Donating to charity shops is one of the easiest ways of clearing your old clothes that are still in good condition. It’s a great way to help your favourite charity raise some money for a great cause and it will also give others the chance to appreciate your clothes as you once did.

If you haven’t got the time to head to your local charity shop, there’s no excuse as local collections are common in most areas. The charity bags that get posted through your letter box? Don’t automatically bin them, save them for your wardrobe clear outs and it will get picked up from your door.

clothing recycling

Recycling your clothing can also help those on the other side of the world. A lot of clothing that is given to global charities is sent to other countries to promote trade, not just given to those in poverty which is a common thought. By offering our unwanted clothing to traders, they are able to make a living and work for themselves, and others are able to buy clothes at an affordable price.

If you want to help yourself as well as others, take your clothes to Levi and they will give you 10% discount off something new. No need to feel so guilty buying a new pair of jeans now!

Interesting fact: 30% of our clothes go to landfill with half of us putting old clothes straight in the bin. Just imagine 30% of your wardrobe being dumped in a big hole in your garden. Times that by 60 billion and we’ve got a whole lot of waste clogging up our planet.

clothing bank

Taking old clothes to clothing banks is another great way of clearing out holey t-shirts and torn trousers. By doing this, your old clothes can turn into padding for chairs and car seats, cleaning cloths and industrial blankets. Check out the Recycle Now website for your local recycling centres.

Lastly, if you have something practically new that just wasn’t your style, you can get yourself some money back if you sell it on. There are various websites to sell second hand clothing, the main one being Ebay. Don’t forget the old faithful car boot sale too! This is still a way of recycling and a great way of giving your unwanted clothes a new home.

So there’s no excuse now for putting your old clothes in the bin. Help the community and think recycle! Don’t forget to check out our earlier posts on alterations and customisation and let us know what you’ve been doing!

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