How to Customise Your Clothing to Revamp Your Look

How to Customise Your Clothing to Revamp Your Look

So you may have read our last post and got the bug for home alterations, or maybe customising is something you’d like to know more about. Well today’s post is all about making small, super-easy changes to your clothes that will make them new again. (And you don’t need to be an expert to do it)

studded shorts

As small as they seem, studs are a great way to jazz up your plain jeans. Add them along the side seams, around the pockets or even along the hem line. They come in all shapes and sizes, some you can put in by hand and others you may need a hand puncher, so look before you buy.

embellished shoulder gems

Gems are another great addition to glamming up your wardrobe. You make think ‘tacky’ when we say gems, but there are some really pretty, understated ones you can get from local craft or haberdashery stores. Ones that you sew on are going to be safer when it comes to washing clothes, so if you fancy adding gems along the neckline of your plain sweater, find ones with thread holes. If you want to add sparkle to accessories, you can find gems and stones that you can stick on, but use super strong glue!

You may remember us mentioning in our last post about leaving frayed edges on your newly cut denim gilet. Make your denim a bit more edgy by fraying the ends of your jeans and adding some slashes. Distressed denim is a great look and it can make a big difference to plain jeans.

colourful buttons

Buttons are sometimes a turn off when you see a beautiful blouse in the shops. Cheap plastic buttons can ruin the look of any item, but don’t forget they’re so easy (and often cheap) to change. Don’t be put off from buying a new blouse if you hate the buttons. Head down to your local fabric shop and they should have a mountain of different buttons to choose from, whether it be wacky or just wonderful. Check out Bunyip for lots of colourful buttons and beads! Sewing buttons is an easy task, but our tip is to use strong thread that’s doubled up – you don’t want your buttons falling off day two!

Lastly, to made your shirts and t-shirts stand out, why not add contrasting pockets made from different fabric. It can give your clothes a completely different look and will ensure you’re the only one wearing that top now! You can pick up small samples and scraps of fabrics from your local haberdashery store for pennies, so it’s a really cheap way of customising.

Hopefully that’s inspired you to get your needle and thread out and try something new with your clothes! Tell us all about what you get up to and share with us any other ideas you have! Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter on the right hand side of this page to be the first to see our new blog posts!

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