Do You Influence Your Partner’s Wardrobe?

Do You Influence Your Partner’s Wardrobe?

Have you ever looked at your partner and thought “What on earth are you wearing??” Or do you vet all of their clothes before they buy them? Question is – should we have an input on what they wear or let them wear what they want? Ask yourself these questions to see if you really influence your other half’s wardrobe.


  • Do you find yourself buying them clothing for birthday and Christmas presents? That’s an inconspicuous way of influencing what they wear. A shirt here, a jumper there…And they can’t return them right?
  • When you go shopping together, do you find that your opinion is asked when it comes to something looking good, or if that shirt goes with those trousers? That’s a good sign that your opinion is valued, and your influence is actually wanted instead of being forced. On the other hand, do they choose to shop alone instead, so you don’t have the option to butt in with what you think? That might suggest that they want to choose what they want, based on what they like and not what you like.

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  • How about the latest trends; do you gently suggest that they try wearing those printed t-shirts or bleached jeans, just because it’s in fashion? There’s no harm in suggesting, but we all know that certain trends just don’t work for everyone!
  • When you say something looks good on them, does it look good because you like it or because it actually suits them? It’s easy to see a great piece on the hanger, but sometimes it just doesn’t look right on certain body types. Your opinion does matter, but don’t be bias!

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Is honesty the best policy?

So if you found yourself saying yes to a lot of those questions, it seems you do have an impact on your partner’s clothing choices. But no one is saying that’s a bad thing! Giving your opinion most often gives other people confidence in what they’re wearing, and gives them that boost to maybe try something new, or just feel good about what they look like. Honesty is the key here. If something doesn’t look right, tell them, but if it’s just because you don’t like it, does that mean it doesn’t look good? Remember it’s their choice in the end. Sometimes we just have to accept that!

Why not tell us your experiences with your other half’s fashion hits (and misses!). Are there any ‘no-gos’ when it comes to what they can wear? Comment below and share some photos with us!

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