5 Easy Ways to Reinvent your Wardrobe

5 Easy Ways to Reinvent your Wardrobe

We all love buying new clothes, but sometimes it’s important to think about your old ones too. It’s easy to just chuck out those tired jeans or that dress that’s just too short now, but it’s even easier to reinvent those pieces of clothing into something new with these 5 tips.

Measuring a dress

1 – Midi now a mini?

It may be that you’ve grown (or more likely that it has shrunk in the wash) and that dress that you love is now a few inches shorter than it used to be. Don’t give up hope! Try making it into a skirt, and revamp the old into something new! It’s pretty easy to cut the bottom half of the dress off, making sure to cut it to the length you like. If it was a stretchy A-line dress, just add a chunky elasticated waistband across the top for the easiest of alterations. If you’re feeling more adventurous, take in the side seams to get yourself a fitted skirt.

Cutting a denim jacket

2 – Bored of the classic denim jacket?

It’s the jacket you’ve had in your wardrobe for ten years, and although it will never go out of fashion, you’re just bored of having the same look. Why not go edgier with a gilet, removing the sleeves and keeping it frayed at the seams. Change it up even more by shortening it and making it a cropped gilet – perfect for summer barbecues and festivals.

3 – The maxed-out maxi

Worn your go-to maxi too much but haven’t got the heart to replace it? Change it up and make it short! No sewing machine necessary – you can hand sew the hem if you like! And don’t forget to use the extra for something else, maybe a belt to jazz up another outfit?

Denim Jeans created into a dress

Trash to Couture DIY Denim

4 – Same jeans as your friends?

Jeans are the staple item that everyone owns, and sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the crowd with every other person wearing the classic skinny blue jeans. Don’t chuck them, cut them! Chop off the ends and make them into cropped jeans with frayed ends, or even roll up the bottoms for a cleaner look. If you’re getting scissor happy don’t stop there – why not make shorts? And the great thing is you can make them the exact length you want, and you know they’ll fit great. For lots more creative ideas on how to adapt your old clothes, check out the Trash to Couture blog.

5 – Snag in your scarf?

It’s a sad moment for everyone when you get a horrible snag in your favourite printed summer scarf. Instead of sending it to the recycling bins, recycle it yourself by making it into a head scarf. Cut it into a smaller, thinner piece, discarding the damage, and finish the edges. If you’re not a head scarf person, try tying it around your handbag strap and give that some attention too.

So there you have it, 5 easy ways to an updated wardrobe without spending a penny! You can also take a look at our connecting post on customising your clothing. Why not share your savvy ideas here and post some pics of your home alterations?

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