The One Thing You Need in Your Wardrobe if Nothing Else

The One Thing You Need in Your Wardrobe if Nothing Else

There’s only one thing that every woman should have in their wardrobe, and that’s a Little Black Dress. We have Coco Chanel to thank for the genius conception of the LBD, and it is still going strong since 1926. So why you ask, is the LBD so iconic and an essential piece of clothing? Well here are five reasons…


It’s a dress that’s iconic; it’s famous for its creation and how it has stood the test of time. It’s a piece of clothing that wont shock yet it’s not boring. Classic.


If you don’t know by now that black is a flattering colour to wear, I’m afraid we can’t get you those years back. However, there’s no time to lose now so start with the LBD. Whatever size or shape you are, there is an LBD out there for you that will flatter your body, and it has a great habit of smoothing lumps and bumps.


The LBD is an umbrella term to any dress that is black (sorry if that’s an obvious one). This means that you could have a dress in any length, in any style, with any neckline. This is a great reason to prove that anyone can work it. The possibilities are endless. And who says you can only have one…

black dresses on stands


You can own a Little Black Dress from twenty or forty years ago, and you could still wear it today and look amazing. The great thing with this dress is that it will always be in fashion, and it has been for nearly 100 years. There is no dress more worthy as an investment piece.


Lastly this dress is great fun to style. With your base being black, you can accessorise with a range of colours or metallics, with each working for a different outcome. You can mix up your shoes, jackets and of course jewellery. One of my favourite reasons for this piece being an essential.

There you have it. The Little Black Dress in all its glory.

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